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Nick is an entertainment journalist based in New York, NY. If you like pugs and the occasional blurry photo of an action figure, follow him on Twitter @NickARomano.
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'Creating a movie-like samurai experience': Inside Ghost of Tsushima

Creative director Jason Connell explains how he set out to make a playable samurai movie with his next videogame.
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Pixar's first gay main character arrives in moving Disney+ short film

When a man has trouble coming out to his parents, a pair of fairy god-pets swap his body with his dog and he learns a valuable lesson.
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Legendary bosses respond to initial controversy: 'My job is to make sure that you're wrong'

The Good Place star Jameela Jamil, the center of the controversy, hopes to move on to focus on the heart of the ballroom and voguing competition.
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John Krasinski's Some Good News will return bigger than before

Some good news for Some Good News: Thanks to a new deal with Viacom, the show will be expanded across the company's outlets.
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Tom Hanks film Greyhound makes surprise move to Apple TV+

The film was meant to open in theaters this June. Now, it's Apple's biggest get.