The Bachelor

Chris Harrison hosts the romance reality competition series in which a gaggle of women vie for the Bachelor’s heart — and a wedding proposal. Will you accept this rose?

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Chris Harrison previews Bachelor best-of show, gives Bachelorette update

Chris Harrison reveals which seasons we'll see in The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable — Ever! and says he hopes to be shooting The Bachelorette by July.
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ABC sets The Bachelor best-of series for summer

'The Bachelor: The Most Unforgettable — Ever!' premieres this June and will highlight the Bachelor franchise's biggest train wreck moments.
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The Bachelor finale rewatch: Alex displays good judgment, disappoints producers

In the very first season finale of The Bachelor, Alex chooses between Trista and Amanda — but viewers didn't quite get the proposal they hoped for.
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The Bachelor episode 5 rewatch: It's time for the Fantasy Suites

During his "exotic" overnight dates with Amanda, Shannon, and Trista, Alex asks the tough questions — and vomits multiple times (really).
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The Bachelor episode 4 rewatch: Alex meets the parents

In the very first hometown dates ever, an exhausted Alex meets the families and friends of Trista, Amanda, Shannon, and Kim.
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The Bachelor season finale recap: Peter gives out final rose, all Hell breaks loose

After many, many missteps, Bachelor Peter Weber chose the woman he wants to spend the rest of his foreseeable future with.