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February 01, 2019 at 12:09 PM EST
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Ready to learn some truths? Let’s see how many reveals this week’s episode of A Million Little Things has in store.

We kick things off with Eddie on the tour bus. He gets a call from Katherine telling him Theo hasn’t been acting like himself and that he needs some dad-time so Eddie decides to bring him onto the bus for the night. First, he briefs the other guys in the band on how to behave around a kid: no drugs, swearing etc. Then he tells them they’re basically The Wiggles for the night and my hate for Eddie is solidified. Since she has the place to herself, Katherine asks her hot coworker Hunter over for dinner. Her gay assistant is very excited about this but she’s nervous. It all goes pretty well though and Hunter even stays the night, but then the next morning he mentions that he’s been made partner in the firm and, thinking he waited until they after they had sex to tell her, Katherine is pissed and kicks him out mid-croissant.

Back on the road, Eddie asks Theo about school and he admits he’s fallen out with one of his besties and didn’t tell his parents about it because he didn’t want to bother them when they have enough problems. One of Eddie’s bandmates tells him that he was a child of divorce and the limbo took its toll on him just as much as his parents, so when Eddie drops Theo off with Katherine, he tells her they should go ahead and move on and get a divorce. Katherine is visibly upset.

Elsewhere, Gary and Maggie are on their way to her cancer screening. She’s mad at Gary for making her care about the results, but she looks great in her pink wig. After some humming and hawing the doctor reveals that there’s been an eight percent reduction in her tumor and if/when that number doubles they can operate to remove it. It’s good news, but there’s still some ways to go — as the doc keeps reminding them. Gary tells Maggie she needs to call her parents, but she says she won’t until after surgery. By episode’s end, however, helping Sophie learn to drive and chitchatting about keeping secrets is enough to convince her to call her parents and she tells her mom all about the cancer.

Okay, let’s get to the Jon stuff. Katherine tells Delilah that if the subway stop had gone in, the property Jon owned right by it would’ve doubled in price, that’s why he overpaid for it. Somebody has now made an offer to buy the building, but since the subway’s not a sure thing, the offer isn’t huge and would still leave D in debt.

Constance Zimmer’s character whose name I’ve not been able to catch comes to see Ashley in a coffee shop. She has a quick funeral flashback, where we learn that Ash made out that it Constance’s fault Jon killed himself because she was the one who told him the subway vote was off. In present time at the coffee shop, Constance tells Ashley the vote is back on the table and going to happen, so Ashley shows up at Delilah’s to tell her she can’t sell those buildings. Jon leveraged his entire business against something he thought was a sure thing (the subway), and was buying time taking out loans. The the day before he died, he got word that the subway stop wasn’t going to happen and he’s lost everything. Ashley says she feels responsible; she saw the signs — he changed his clothes, gave her a long lunch, bought her plane tickets — just didn’t know what they meant. She was 12 seconds too late to save him. She then brings out the envelope addressed to Delilah that she’s been holding onto for months and explains that Jon used the money from his life insurance to keep the project alive, but took out another policy (Rutelidge) that he left it to the guys — and Barbs. She says he had a plan all along because he knew the guys would give the money to Delilah. Ashley tells Delilah the properties are going to be worth a lot of money, she just has to hold onto them. Delilah takes the envelope and kicks her out. When she reads Jon’s note, none of it makes sense to Delilah; she didn’t know her husband was in so much pain. (Recap continued on page 2.)

Everyone decides to go along to the subway stop vote. Katherine tells Delilah that she has to take the offer now if she’s going to take it. D needs a moment and goes to the bathroom where she meets Constance who introduces herself, saying she knew D’s husband. She tells Delilah she was the one who told him he couldn’t get the votes, but Delilah tells her she can’t blame herself. Although she shouldn’t say anything, Constance’s character tells D she has the votes and not to sell the buildings so D goes and tells Katherine she’s not selling. But when it comes down to the voting, the stop is denied! Delilah says it’s okay, because J.K., she did sell the buildings after all. She knew she had to trust her instincts and they told her to sell.

Later at home, Delilah tells her kids about Jon’s letter. She says it makes it clear that he loved them, but that they don’t have to read it if they don’t want to. They do, so we get to hear it too in Jon’s voice as a voiceover. He asks them to forgive him and explains it has nothing to do with them. The man he wanted to be died long before he met Delilah and he couldn’t live with the guilt, couldn’t push through the pain. Danny sobs. Sophie sobs. It’s great acting all around. Jon signs off with a “love everyone as much as I loved you.” What do we think? my guess is Jon is someone how responsible for something terrible happening to Barbara Morgan or one of her loved ones? An accidental death? And he couldn’t live with the guilt anymore? Who knows.

Over at Jon’s old office building, Ashley remembers the whole scene once again. She calls Gary, apologizes and tells him the buildings were more than a business deal — which ain’t so good since D already sold ’em. Standing on the balcony Jon jumped from, she says goodbye and…thank goodness the scene cuts to her at the airport boarding a plane to Spain. (Um, was that a little bit of an insensitive fake-out?) Anyway, Gary and D get the address for the apartment building. Once there, that old lady who’s always around asks where “Jonny” is and assumes he must be on vacation because she hasn’t seen him in weeks. Gary and Delilah pretend they’re there to water the plants and gain access to the apartment. They look around, finding the camera, but no memory card and photos from before Jon and D met. Then Gary looks out the window and realizes the view is exactly the one in the painting Jon hung in the room where Gary was getting chemo. They rush over to the hospital and check the name on the bottom of the painting and — you guessed it! — it’s none other than one B. Morgan.

In a super-tenuous side plot, some drama over getting their wedding album makes Gina realize she wants Rome to go back on his meds. She has not been okay, since he came off them; he’s taking the pills for both of them.

Tune in next week to find out who Barbara Morgan really is… or to almost find out and then wait another five weeks for the truth. Laters!

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