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September 03, 2020 at 09:39 PM EDT
S22 E13
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Kaysar's only real shot of staying on Big Brother this week, after his friend Janelle was sent home last week, was to win the Power of Veto and pull himself off the block, forcing Enzo and company into a tough decision. Unfortunately for him, he was the first person to drop out of the competition. Things were looking bleak, and they got bleaker when Kevin, who was also on the block, won veto and pulled himself off, allowing Enzo to put up Christmas instead, someone the house has no intention of voting for. That all but spelled the end for Kaysar's run this season. The only real option he had left: trying to get those outside the main alliances to open their eyes to the big group in control, and flip the house in their favor before it's too late.

With no one really going to budge this week, the episode becomes mostly about what the future might look like. Early in the episode, the editing suggests that Dani is the clear target for the guys currently in control. Sure, she's in an alliance with Enzo, Tyler, and Cody, but all three of them want her out because they see she's "planting seeds" everywhere, ready to make a move against them at any moment. Much like yesterday's episode, this could all be empty talk, though. Enzo once again goes on and on about how he's sick of Dani and her chaotic gameplay, but when he had the chance to do something about it this week, he didn't.

Luckily, there's one player here who's really starting to think: Ian. He's been listening to Kaysar, and it's become clear to him that there is absolutely a controlling alliance, and that Cody and Nicole are the ones steering everything. That might not be exactly right, but Nicole and Cody are both in very good positions right now. They're absolutely part of all the key decisions, and on top of that they're mostly keeping a low profile while doing so, unlike Tyler. So, Ian chats with Kevin and Bayleigh about being on the outside of that alliance. Kevin is very receptive to what he says, while Bayleigh continues to have her head in the sand, assuming she's going to be just fine in the Slick Six. To quote Kaysar: "It's maddening!"

Ian can't bring all this information out into the open, so he takes a shot: He goes to Kaysar and suggests that on his way out, he blows the house up. He tells him to expose what's been happening in the hopes that once Kaysar is gone, he can rebuild something with some of the outsiders. Thank God Ian made that move, because it leads to the only truly wonderful moment of this season. Kaysar lays it all out when he's giving his speech before the vote, talking about Cody and Nicole running the show, the "boys" (Enzo, Cody, Tyler) being in an alliance, and Dani working with everyone. He makes everyone in that main alliance uncomfortable, and it's beautiful. He says they all suck at playing the game, that no one is willing to take a shot right now.

Kaysar's speech is a lot of fun, but even better is reveling in the reactions when the alliance goes to vote. Cody and Dani are particularly livid, putting on airs about being "disrespected" by Kaysar. It's hypocrisy at its finest: Everything Kaysar says is true, Cody and the others are playing the house, and if the roles were reversed and Kaysar was in charge, Cody would be losing his mind that no one was willing to see it and make a move. So, we get some whiny, angry votes from the main alliance, and Kaysar goes home. But at least he did it in style, and gave us perhaps the one moment that'll truly last beyond this season.

Kaysar is good in his exit interview too, talking about needing to shake up this boring, "friendly" season and "leave a present" for those players who wanted to keep Kaysar around but couldn't go against the main alliance right now. He tried to wake people up, to get them thinking about making actual meaningful moves. We'll see if it works.

That brings us to the next HOH challenge. It's a truly awful, boring challenge that involves analyzing pictures and noticing certain details and buzzing in with an answer. I'm also not convinced that the challenge doesn't have a built-in advantage for the main alliance because the players get to choose who squares off in each round, which removes a lot of potential for the "outsider" players to get a shot. It introduces strategy that only the main alliance can actually use.

Anyway, the players face off in duos, one is eliminated each round, then the winner selects the next two players… on and on until the final round. That final round ends up seeing Christmas squaring off against Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne gets her answer in first, but it's wrong, so she hands the win to Christmas. It's a shame, because I don't think Christmas was even close to buzzing in. Da'Vonne could have taken a bit longer and secured the win, and maybe gone against the main alliance.

Now, though, you have to assume Christmas, who's just been doing whatever she's been told by Memphis, Tyler, and Cody, will continue to do the same. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh could be targets. Ian as well.

At least we had one last Kaysar moment, right?

See you all Sunday.

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